Building Resilience to Decrease Your Stress

We can’t always control our stress, but we CAN make changes in our attitudes and behaviors to increase our resistance to stress, or to even prevent it in the first place. This workshop will give students a chance to reflect on the different sources of stress in their lives, to examine facts and myths about stress, and to explore various strategies and techniques to strengthen their resilience in the face of stress.

Contact: Lynn Gregory, Personal Counselor, Bedford Campus,


Relaxation and Meditation 101

Research shows that stress and anxiety sabotage academic performance of all kinds. Relaxation and meditation are two strategies that can help students reduce their stress and improve their focus in order to be more successful in and out of the classroom. This workshop will provide some basic information, as well allow students to experience a brief meditation and a guided relaxation. A variety of resources will be offered to students so they can continue exploring and practicing these techniques on their own.

Contact: Lynn Gregory, Personal Counselor, Bedford Campus,