Learning Styles Workshop

Are you a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner? Knowing the difference could save you hours of study time. This workshop will help you learn about your learning style and the best strategies for your study effectiveness. We will also discuss how to tackle assignments in classes that do not teach to your learning style.

Contact: Noreen McGinness Olson, Director of Academic Support and Tutoring, mcginnessn@middlesex.mass.edu


Creativity Workshop

Learn practical techniques to stimulate creativity, imagination, and innovative thinking. This workshop will provide students with strategies to recognize and improve their creativity. Strategies include the use of free writing, mind mapping, storytelling, looking at problems from different frames of reference and many more.

With advanced planning this workshop can be customized for a specific assignment or learning outcomes.

Contact: Noreen McGinness Olson, Director of Academic Support and Tutoring, mcginnessn@middlesex.mass.edu

Get That Job: Interview Skills for Today

There is no “one way fits all” way to prepare for job interviews. This workshop will discuss (a) research to prepare for an interview; (b) frequently (and infrequently) asked questions; (c) talking about strengths and weaknesses; (d) the “soft skills” in interviewing; (e) to follow up or not to follow up, that is the question.

Contact: Jeanne O’Connor, Disability Support Coordinator, oconnorj@middlesex.mass.edu

Study Strategies and Test Taking Strategies

Learn how to best utilize your study time. Identify when and where you are most productive, and develop a plan to study material thoroughly, identify weak areas, and seek help when needed. Learn effective use of study guides, notes, text books, past homework and quizzes. Learn easy strategies to reduce test anxiety.

Contact: Lauren Seeley, Disabilities Support Specialist, seeleyl@middlesex.mass.edu

Be Well at MCC!

Personal health is one of the most important parts of your life – and student success (and satisfaction) is closely connected to overall personal health. This interactive session will help students learn more about the various components of personal health and wellness, increase their self-awareness about their own health and about the impact of making healthy choices, and will introduce them to the wide variety of wellness opportunities available right here at MCC! Engaging, interactive, and educational, and transformative – I look forward to meeting with your students.

Contact: Jonathan Crockett, Coordinator, Student Life, crockettj@middlesex.mass.edu