Getting to Know the MCC ISLOs

In this interactive session, students will be introduced to the Middlesex Community College Institutional Student Learning Outcomes and will name and define the ISLOs, match the ISLOs with activities that support each, and discuss which ISLOs are practiced in their classes.

Contact: Ann Buskey, Director, TRiO Student Success Program,


Be Well at MCC!

Personal health is one of the most important parts of your life – and student success (and satisfaction) is closely connected to overall personal health. This interactive session will help students learn more about the various components of personal health and wellness, increase their self-awareness about their own health and about the impact of making healthy choices, and will introduce them to the wide variety of wellness opportunities available right here at MCC! Engaging, interactive, and educational, and transformative – I look forward to meeting with your students.

Contact: Jonathan Crockett, Coordinator, Student Life,